My Design Layers
Helping You Love Your Home
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About Me

My philosophy about how I approach every design project.


I'm here for you.


My Philosophy

Creating a home is not about doing what everyone else is doing, it’s about doing what is right for you and the way you live, right for the house you have and your budget, and mostly right for the people you love. Each and every design project I take on, I approach with this philosophy.

I work the problems layer by layer, step by step. I always consider your requirements and wishes for how you want to live in your home. I aim to solve your problems, add in as much function and efficiency as possible, then sprinkle it with generous amounts of beauty and comfort.

It is my goal to give you the building blocks to create your idea of what makes a house a home.

This is how I use My Design Layers to create Your Design Layers.



I work with folks everyday who:

  • want to make the most of their home improvement dollars

  • want well-designed, well-functioning rooms

  • want some help creating a superior vision

  • want to show their builder what they want to do

  • want assurance that their plan is the best that it can be

Home improvement projects can be overwhelming and intimidating. I understand and am here to help you get through it.

There is a lot to do and a lot to think about. There are decisions to be made, contractors to hire, and products to purchase. You may have so many ideas in your head that you don’t know what will work and what will be out of your budget. You may be feeling like you don’t have the creative touch that you know you want your house to have and you need to call on someone who can interpret your vision into reality.

Don’t worry, I can help! We will work together to get you comfortable and excited with what will be happening in your home. We will work on creating a realistic working budget that you will able to live with. We will make sure that your contractor knows exactly what you want to do and what it is supposed to look like. We will ensure that everything that is proposed fits properly and looks amazing. Most importantly, we will make sure that you love your new home.