Making Your Christmas Dinner Table Pretty

Elegant White and Wood Holiday Tablescape

Your table decor is the centerpiece of your holiday dinner. Make this year especially beautiful by creating a holiday tablescape that will make people want to linger.  

Creating a tablescape is fun and easy, especially when you have a recipe to follow. This is one that you can create using the items you see here, but if you have suitable substitutes, feel free to use what you have. That’s what makes it rich with memories.

This table is going to focus on using natural colors and elements. It is meant to be beautifully simple, yet elegant and classic.

Join me in growing Paperwhites for Christmas

Every year we see Christmas displays going up earlier and earlier. It’s all about making those holiday dollars. Right?

Not this time! This time it is actually about timing.

This year, I am getting my Paperwhites started in time for them to show us their full glory at just the right moment. For Christmas dinner.

My Finished Kitchen

I will walk you through the progress we made, and show you how we accomplished it in sizable chunks. This will show you how I avoided getting overwhelmed by not taking on too much at once, and how we pulled it all together at the end.

This post will help you understand the importance of thinking several steps ahead to create a completed room.

This is my superpower!

Creating a Lighting Plan

Light is a wondrous and glorious thing. It has both actual and metaphorical implications. But today we are talking about lighting your home and light can bring your home to life.

We have a saying about lighting, “If you light everything, you really light nothing because nothing is illuminated”. Think about that. Our goal is to

Building Your Design Muscles

Lately, I have had to exercise my business muscles a bit more than stretching my design muscles but this week I got to help someone very special to me, my sister. I have to tell you it felt really good to get back to doing what I love to do, even if it was in a small way.

Creating a Color Scheme

Creating a color scheme ahead of time allows you to come up with a design that is creative, cohesive, and beautiful. It will also allow you to make creative and bold choices. This is one of the key ways designers create such beautiful spaces.

Top Questions About Working With An Interior Designer


I get asked this all the time as a designer.

I might be a little biased, but the answer is YES! ABSOLUTELY!

There is a lot to consider when doing any type of design work, getting professional help can save you from making many types of mistakes.

Why you need to have a design plan


If you’re like most people you realize that you need to do something with your home, but you may be stuck because you don’t know what you should do or could do to it. For most of us, this is a very daunting task because it comes with too many options to choose from.