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Join me in growing Paperwhites for Christmas

I’m giving myself something to get excited about this season


Every year we see Christmas displays going up earlier and earlier. It’s all about making those holiday dollars. Right?

Not this time! This time it is actually about timing.

This year, I am getting my Paperwhites started in time for them to show us their full glory at just the right moment. For Christmas dinner.

Ever since I first heard about Paperwhites, I have wanted to try them. These beauties are perfect for your holiday displays because they will surprise you with their simple elegant flowers right in the middle of winter. I love the idea of having fresh flowers blooming during the holidays.

The trouble was that I never seemed to remember to buy my bulbs and start them in time. You see, they take about 3-5 weeks to start blooming.

I usually resist the urge to start thinking about decorating too soon. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. However, with these babies, that is a big mistake if you want these elegant white beauties for your holiday table.

I am not going to let another year go by and regret that I hadn’t started my table centerpiece on time.

paperwhites for christmas.jpg

This year I’m starting early

If you want to start some Paperwhites too, now is the time to order your bulbs and select your pot.

The next Room Design Recipe on the MDL lineup is a holiday tablescape and these Paperwhites are the perfect the focal point.

You don’t have to be limited to using them on the table though; they make wonderful hostess gifts too. Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these little whispers from heaven?

In the next email, I will show you how to create a wonderful elegant table that is simple to do that will dazzle your guests. Don’t worry. I have included everything for you to create the look yourself.

In the meantime, here are a few things I have picked out for you so that you can get started.


Plant bulbs here

For a modern, contemporary look with clean lines, you might try this type of vase.

Or plant them here

For a more casual farmhouse style, try the classic terra cotta pot. Cluster them in odd numbers.

Get bulbs here

Your bulbs will want to cuddle, so buy enough for them to be snug within your vase. It can be fairly shallow as well.

Allow time for delivery

Be sure to order at the beginning of Nov. so be sure you get them and all of your supplies in time.

Everyone like to drink during the holidays!

After the first week, start watering them with a mixture of 5 parts water to 1 part vodka. This will stunt their growth and they are less likely to droop from getting too tall.

Here are a few video links you to get a few more tips and tricks to getting it done right.

Forcing Paper Whites, a How-to Video with Glenwood Weber

How to Plant and Grow Paperwhites

The Secret to Growing Short Paperwhites!

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