Making Your Christmas Dinner Table Pretty

Making Your Christmas Dinner Table Pretty


This is the tablescape I did last christmas for 2017, I am republishing it since it was so popular. This years tablescape is found in the Room Design Recipe section.

Elegant White and Wood Holiday Tablescape

Creating a tablescape is fun and easy, especially when you have a recipe to follow. This is one that you can create using the items you see here, but if you have suitable substitutes, feel free to use what you have. That’s what makes it rich with memories.

This table is going to focus on using natural colors and elements. It is meant to be beautifully simple, yet elegant and classic.



I have included these links for you to achieve this look, however, none of my links are affiliate links.


  • We always want to begin with clean, freshly pressed linen.

  • The first you’ll put down is the tablecloth, and then the runner lengthwise down the middle of the table.

TIP: When buying a tablecloth, choosing the correct size is easy, measure the tabletop and add 12” to it, both length and width. This gives you a 6” overhang on all sides.

  • These Vintage Wood Chargers adds that wood element to the table. Chargers are good for helping to keep your tablecloth clean as it will catch most of your spills. Hopefully.

  • Fold your napkins in a simple rectangle. These will be placed lengthwise between the two plates.

  • Next, layer your dinner plate, napkin and salad plate on top of your charger.

    • TIP: There are a variety of ways you can display your cloth napkins, I like to do it this way because it is easy, no fancy folding. Plus you don’t have to buy napkin rings.

    • OPTION: You could also place the napkin on top of the salad plate, then place a small sprig of pine on top of it. So easy.


Your place setting should be set up similar to this guide, depending on how fancy you’re getting and what pieces you have to include.

It is a great idea to set up a buffet as well to place all of your food dishes on. It is also great if it is decorated to match your tablescape for a completed look.

Using lifts and levels helps you to fit more dishes onto your buffet, as well as looking really nice. To do this, use a sturdy box or an upside-down pot, whatever you can find that will accommodate the size dish you want to place and cover them with a large cloth. Save some room to add a cake plate or two (use the kind that is elevated) on top of the cloth. This helps to add variety to your buffet. You will place your food dishes in your prepared spots and place your decorations on them. The idea of doing this is that you can fit more items on your buffet by utilizing the space better.

The second layer of items is the most fun and the most creative. As you place your items onto the center of your table, there are a few things you may want to remember to help your centerpiece look its very best.

  • Keeping your items no taller than 10” will ensure that eye lines are not obstructing the view of people who are talking across the table.

  • This doesn’t mean puny though, you will want your main items to be sizable. In fact they can go above that 10” limit a little bit, if they are clear or small at the top, like a fir tree. Just not too much.

  • The rule of odd numbers. It is always more pleasing to the eye when working with an arrangement you want to look random if you use things in odd numbers.

  • Remember that this isn’t rocket science, have fun with it! There is plenty of room for customizing this look to make it your own.




  • Fill the apothecary jars

    • OPTION 1: My first choice here would be to grow some paperwhites in these jars. This, however, takes time and forethought. Three to four weeks to bring them to the point of blooming. These are so pretty for Christmas though if you have enough time.

    • OPTION 2: Fill the jar with pine cones or pine branches, tie bows on them with your ribbon.

    • OPTION 3: Fill with gold, copper, and silver ornaments. If you use this option, also use them in step three.

    • OPTION 4: Layer cranberries and snow inside the jars and top it off with a sprig of pine or a tea light. Just be sure that the ribbon and the runner you use matches the cranberries. You don’t want to start getting too many colors.

  • Place these jars in a somewhat random way down the table on top of the runner.

  • Placing the fir trees. I prefer to cluster the trees in groups and place them in some of the empty spaces down the table. Singles should also be used to help with the look of randomness.

  • Next, place the votive candles around, filling in where needed to give a somewhat even glow across the table.




  • Fill in the gaps around the table with the pine branches, hiding the stems.

  • Place some pine cones here and there as well. These can be grouped or place singly. Don’t get too crazy here, just a few along the length of the table to add texture.

    • OPTION: If you feel like the centerpiece doesn’t need the pine cones you can place one in the center of each salad plate.

  • The ribbon is your pop of color and will bring the whole thing to life. Tie it to the bottom or around the outside of the jars, around the stems of the wine glasses or tie it around the napkins. How ever you use it, use it sparingly, make it noticeable and it will pop. Take care to shape your bows so that they are pretty and even.

  • Finally, sprinkle the whole thing with a touch of snow. You don’t want your snow to look too concentrated, so to accomplish this, hold your hand full of snow high above the table and let it fall gently over everything.


That’s it! You’re all done!

Isn’t that pretty!

I hope you liked this recipe and please send me pictures of your holiday tablescape.



Join me in growing Paperwhites for Christmas

Join me in growing Paperwhites for Christmas