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Designing in Layers

I’d like to introduce you to my layers of design. I named my site ‘My Design Layers’ after the system I have developed when creating my design plans. They are specific layers that build one upon another to create a well-designed room.

These building blocks are how I approach every single design I do. The layers are arranged in an organized fashion to keep

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An adorable little house needs a new layout

Everybody knows that when you have small spaces you have to maximise your floorplan to work with your needs and not waste an inch. She was ready to renovate and she knew she would have to move some of the rooms around. But she needed more than just some ideas about what would be feasible to do, she needed to be able to see it and study her options. This is when she came to me and asked me if I could help her work out the layout of her home.

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My Finished Kitchen

I will walk you through the progress we made, and show you how we accomplished it in sizable chunks. This will show you how I avoided getting overwhelmed by not taking on too much at once, and how we pulled it all together at the end.

This post will help you understand the importance of thinking several steps ahead to create a completed room.

This is my superpower!

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Creating a Lighting Plan

Light is a wondrous and glorious thing. It has both actual and metaphorical implications. But today we are talking about lighting your home and light can bring your home to life.

We have a saying about lighting, “If you light everything, you really light nothing because nothing is illuminated”. Think about that. Our goal is to

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