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Boho Sexy Bedroom


 A Room Design Recipe

Moody - Sexy - Bold yet Calm
These are all words that I had in mind while designing this bedroom.
I hope you enjoy it!

Meet our couple

We have a young couple in love and newly married, They want their home to tell the story of who they are and what they love, and their transformation begins in the master bedroom.

While one of them working from home and the other working nights they need a place that feels like a retreat when they have time to spend together.

Here’s our needs & challenges

  • Add ceiling treatment to create balance in the room

  • Wants some bold romantic colors but used in a way that is easy to switch out as years pass

  • We have a daytime sleeper so the room needs to be dark during the day.

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Inspiration Mood Board

Mood boards are a great tool that is used to help everyone involved be on the same page from the very beginning of the design process. This helps us to stay on track as we progress through the layers of design. Most of the time it will contain a combination of products and other types of images. Images that remind us of what we are aiming to feel when we are in this new space.

I often create several boards during this creative process. It helps me to really solidify the style and direction this room will take.

Moody moodboard.png

Working the Design Layers

Layer 1 - Architecture

As always, the first thing we tackle are any structural changes we want to make to the room. We decided to use a coffered ceiling (beams applied in a grid) and fill it the grid with decorative ceiling tiles to give it that Boho vibe.

The faux beams from Decorative Ceiling Tiles was a perfect choice. They look as real as can be, because they are cast from real beams. They are made from Styrofoam so they are light-weight which makes them super easy to put up.

The ceiling tiles come in tons of designs and are really easy to faux finish before applying to the ceiling.

Layer 2 - Surfaces

Raintree Green.png

At this point our room looks like this.

moody room take 2 Ceiling.jpg

Layer 3 - Lighting

Many times you can simply switch out the existing light fixtures with new ones to update your look.

We will do that here, but we are also going to add ceiling pendants to each side of the bed. This create more space on the end table and it just looks cool too. Make sure that these are hung low at the height where you would normally have a small lamp.

Layer 4 - Furniture

This is where we combine form with function. Choosing beautiful, quality furniture is something you will never regret. These pieces will last long enough to be passed down to the next generation.

You will notice that I have selected pieces from different collections, that have slightly different finishes. This, not only helps to create an illusion of these pieces have been collected over time but it keeps it from looking like a catalog where everything is matchy-matchy.


Brentwood Dresser


Layer 5 - Soft Furnishings - Windows


$69. per panelDutch Bloomm

$39 - 49 per panel


Even though we are still on layer 5, our room looks like this at this point (except the bedding).

The bedding we are adding, will continue the Boho look with these stunning pillow shams. I wanted to bring in some gold into the space and the duvet felt like the perfect place to do it. This one is nice as it doesn’t overwhelm the bedroom. Since it has a timeless pattern, it will be welcome for years to come.

moody room take 2 with bed - Layers 1 & 2.jpg

Layer 5 - Soft Furnishings - Bedding


Classic Velvet Shams


Soft Rose Throw



Designer Tip:

When you need to mix and match various items, like bedding, it is usually much easier to get the colors right by purchasing from the same company. They have already done a lot of the difficult color theory part for you.

Layer 6 - Decor

This is the place everyone wants to begin because it is the funnest part. You can only do this to a point. For instance, this art piece was one of the first pieces I selected because it helped to dictate the mood and the color scheme. However, don’t be afraid to switch out an an item as you go along if it make for a better design.

Aiden Rug - 5’ x 7’6”

To get the layers look I have done here you will need 2 of these.


Julianne Rug - 5’ x 8’


This is one of a set of three, and I just hung it horizontally.


Faux Olive Tree - 5’


Final Notes

The projected budget for this room was $10,000 to 12,000. This budget is right on target. without the ceiling it comes in at $10,013.90 that leaves us $2000 to do the ceiling. Totally doable!
The ceiling was the only thing that would be difficult to estimate since there are a lot of variables. Both in each space being designed, and in the beam options themselves. Even with those variables I am confident that I hit my target budget requirements.

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