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Hall Exterior

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This was the first time I had the opportunity to work on an exterior. So that made it a nice challenge.

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ISSUE: They wanted a porch that made it clear to guests where the front door was because the house is situated sideways from the street. They needed some sort of shelter from the weather when getting from the garage to the front door.
SOLUTION:So we added a deck with columns, roof and lighting. 

ISSUE: They were struggling with the design of attaching a covered porch because the roof  had to miss the upper window, it also had to have enough room to walk under it, and meet the existing upper porch.
SOLUTION: Three different angles were used here.

REQUEST: There was an existing upstairs screened-in porch that they wanted to extend around to the back of the house as well. They decided to keep the upper porch screened-in instead of opening it up, so we used white columns everywhere to tie in all three sides and keep costs down.

As you can see, we went through a couple of iterations of this project trying to find all the right solutions. The cable railing was chosen for its invisible modern effect and for its low cost.

ISSUE: They were planning on siding the entire house since it didn’t have any to begin with but they wanted to add some visual interest to the front instead of using the same material everywhere. That was tricky since the ground was slopped and we wanted to minimize the presence of the basement windows on the right side of the house. They were only a few inches off the ground and looked funny.
SOLUTION: Since the front door was situated between the upper floor and the basement, the stone siding was chosen to run on the entire lower portion of the house at an elevation based on the front door; 30” up was the perfect height as it accomplished everything we needed it to. Framing only the upper windows helped to accentuate them, which also minimized the lower windows.

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