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Helping you love your home
One layer at a time

Helping Your Love Your Home

One Room at a Time


Hi, my name is Beckie,

I am an interior designer, but truthfully, I don’t really like that term. I like to say that I help you make the most of your home improvement dollars.

By helping you look at your project with new eyes, I can show you options you haven’t even thought of, and help guide your decisions about what to do, how it should look/function and what materials/colors are best for your project. Making these decisions doesn’t always mean spending more money, it means making wise, informed decisions that help you save money.

My goal is for you to have the home you dream of.

When we dive into what you want to do, we will discuss how you live and function within your space. We will also talk about what your goals for this project are, this will help us explore possibilities before you spend any money or demo your walls. By doing this, we will have already saved you money by eliminating any mistakes or regrets, by setting a realistic budget and setting up practical expectations.


Once we have some ideas, I can create a concept board, a color palette, accurate drawings, and more for you (and your contractor) to see exactly how it is supposed to look and function. You will know this is what you want because you will be able to visualize how all of the pieces fit together. You don’t have to have any regrets when your project is complete.

I have seen it so many times, people update some part of their home and afterwards they have some regrets about something they did or didn’t do simply because they didn’t think of doing things differently than what they already had or they didn’t plan it out completely. Many times there are horror stories about what went wrong or how the costs got so out of hand that they couldn’t even finish the project.

I am here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am here to help you find the perfect vision for your home and then help execute it on time, on budget, and without mistakes.

Your home is your sanctuary from the world, by creating a home that helps your life be more efficient, beautifully, we will be making your home life the best it can be.

These are the building blocks that allows you to live your life better, easier, happier.


What is it like to work with a designer?

I get this question all the time

Essentially it breaks down to three phases. Of course, each phase has multiple steps, and each one plays an important role in the creating magical results.

phase 1 - plan & prep

The hardest part of any project is the prep work

- First we assess what the issues are
- We talk about solutions and gather inspiration
- Get it on paper (digital paper) to work out all the details
- Floor plans
- Elevations
- Lists, lists, and more lists
- Create a working budget with my budget calculator
- Create a concept to drive the design direction
- Create a color palette with all of the materials involved

Phase 2 - sourcing & selecting

Finding the perfect products

Using the to-do lists from phase 1 and the design concept we are constantly keeping the budget in mind as we go to work on selecting the perfect finishes and materials for your home.

Many times we can purchase products at a discount that we share with our clients, other times our clients prefer to purchase their products, either way, I am here to help.

Phase 3 - Getting it done

Execution can have its challenges

Whether I manage your project for you, (only in the Milwaukee WI area) or you follow my written plan, these steps are sure go a lot more smoothly since we have done our homework, our due diligence, and looked at all our options. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Your contractor will have the necessary documents (drawings, measurements, and products) to be able to do his job and know exactly how you want it to turn out.
We will create a calendar of steps that need to be taken so you know what is to be done in the right order for best efficiency.


Full room Deluxe Package

This package includes everything!

You will get unlimited time with me, your designer, to talk about your project.
You will initially receive beautifully designed vision boards to approve that helps drive the direction of the design concept. I will then create your furniture space plan and elevations, source products and create a beautifully rendered room with your products that allows you to visualize your space. Designer notes, along with documents for your contractor helps you put it all together. Then we will both look forward to a celebratory call when you have it all finished and want to show off your finished room.


E-Design Standard

This option gives you what you need to get your design moving in the right direction.
Together we will brainstorm what your project requires and some options to make it work for you. You will initially receive beautifully designed vision boards to approve. These help drive the direction of the design concept. I will then create your furniture space plan, source products, and create a beautifully rendered room with your products that allows you to visualize your space. Designer notes helps you put it all together so you know exactly what you need to do to finish your room.

Dear Beckie,
What a blessing it is to wake-up to the beauty of our home. I am so grateful that God has blessed us with the resources to afford the remodel, thankful for the talent He has given you in creative design, and Rick with the hands for construction.
Thank you for helping us achieve our dreams.
Thank You
— Pam

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I want to help you to succeed at creating a home that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations,
and to encourage you to expect results that are nothing less than magical.

Your work made my jaw drop. you have such an eye for this!
— Brian - The Design Cure
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