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You see them everywhere if you are a design lover. Those design boards that display products in a curated fashion. Designers call them mood boards because it’s the easiest term for them. But depending on how they are put together and their intended purpose, they can be product boards, 2d room perspectives, 3d room perspectives or an actual moodboard. For the record, a moodboard is a collage that elicits a mood or a feeling that the creator is trying to convey, it may contain products but it will usually also contain other types of imagery as well. Like the one above has a feeling of glamor and sophistication.

I love putting these collages together because there are no restrictions. I can do whatever my little designer heart feels like doing, and that my friends, is a fun place to design from. Sometimes it is good to have a certain amount of parameters, but for the most part, these rooms will showcase various aspects of my style. You will get to know what I like and how I put things together. As a designer, this is the best way for me to show you a bit of what you will be getting when you hire me to create a room for you. Those always have a lot parameters, but don’t worry, I like that too.