Impress your guests this Christmas
with an Elegant Holiday Table


Starting off with a solid foundation

When we build out wardrobe we start with the basics. When building our table linen supply we start there too. These are pieces you will go back to again and again.


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Hemstitch Linens

This timeless basic has stood the test of time because this simple stylish edge and easy to care for linen can’t be beat.


Add a pretty solid color

This will set a colorful foundation for the decor to be added to the center of the table.

Candle light is a must

Candlesticks are another basic classic we should all have in our closet of props. These have a modern edge done in flat black with a square base. Very elegant and pretty for any occasion.


Pillar Candles

The options these days are varied. From a basic plain wax pillar to battery operated ones with realistic flames and options for automatic timers. The choice is yours.

The star of the show

The centerpiece is the star of the holiday table. This year will be no different. We will have a stunning centerpiece of real flowers, blooming in the middle of winter.

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Pretty Paperwhites

These bulbs are known for blooming in winter time. This is why they are so special, The little white blooms, from the daffodil family makes it easy to pair them with any holiday color scheme.

The perfect planter

I chose this one for this table because if its simple clean lines and modern flare. The black and white works perfectly with our foundation pieces too.