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What is E-design?

E-design is an easy way to get your space professionally designed. You will receive a floor plan, style boards, product suggestions, and designers instructions, and more. It is everything you need to put your room together beautifully.


So you want to fix up your house?


Great idea!


Too many ideas? You can't decide what to do?

You've been looking at Pintrest again haven't you? And watching HGTV right? I knew it.  
Okay, these are good places to start, they will give you all kinds of ideas that may or may not be right for your home. But at the end of the day, that is all they are, ideas.

now that you have a project in mind,
how do you go from idea to done effectively?


When it comes down to actually doing it, how do you tell the contractor what you want so that it turns out how you want? How do you know you will have the space to do it and it will all work out right? How do you set a reasonable budget and stick to it? How do you add all those extra details without going overboard and breaking the bank?

Don't worry, I am here to help you!! 

E-design is an easy way to get your space professionally designed. I will work with you to make sure your plan is everything you want and need. You will receive a floor plan, 3d perspectives, elevation drawings, style boards, shopping lists, designers instructions, and more. It is everything you need to put your room together beautifully. I promise!

Plus, if you need to, I will show you how you might be able to work on your project in stages allowing you to plan your budget and your time appropriately.


Step 1

Getting to know each other

This initial phone conversation is going to be us just taking time to get acquainted and get really excited about your upcoming project. This is your first step in making your home a personal reflection of you. By making your home work to its fullest potential for the way you live, you will be creating the catalyst for many positive changes that allow you to live your very best life.

During this time of talking about your project, you’ll tell me what you love and don’t love about your house, and what type of styles and colors you like. We will talk about your timeline and the type of budget you have in mind as well.

After this, we will be so excited we will want to start your project right way. I will send you a proposal that describes the scope of work, with an invoice for you to make a payment.
You will then receive your welcome packet. This will have some homework and a few other documents in it and will allow you to get started on your project right away. The homework is easy but very important to do correctly. These instructions will walk you through taking measurements and photos of your spaces so that I can accurately create a floorplan in my software. You will then receive documents like these for approval of accuracy before moving on.

My floorplans will initially look something like this: This will be of your existing space. Even if we are not doing any type of construction we will still need to do this step so that I can make a furniture space plan for you.

My experience with My Design Layers was wonderful!
From the very beginning, Beckie took the time to get to know me and to learn my desires, dreams, and limitations. This was reassuring to me because I didn’t really know what I wanted myself, nor did I know how to proceed. I only knew I had reached a point where I needed a change; my children were nearly out of the house, I was busy in the workplace instead of the home, and my tastes and attitudes had grown such that my home no longer reflected who I was.

Decorating isn’t a skill set of mine. I know what I like when I see it, but I don’t know how to visualize it ahead of time, so my creative process can be sloppy or disjointed and sometimes costly. Because my budget was on the smaller side I knew I didn’t have a lot of leeway for errors. My nervousness about making a lot of pricey mistakes actually kept me from moving forward on my desires for quite a while.

Then I connected with Beckie and that all changed. She was patient in finding out where I was coming from and where I thought I wanted to go. She had me doing ‘homework’ to tune into my particular style and color pallet, which helped me to relax and enjoy the decorating process. She helped me find the perfect color pallet for my home and then worked with me to mix my old and new styles together to create that light, updated look I wanted without breaking the bank. She gave me lots of ideas but didn’t pressure me into doing something I didn’t feel comfortable with. Also, her assistance with finding resources was invaluable!

Thank you, Beckie, for helping me create a home that is beautiful, comfortable, and affordable!
— Judie

Step 2

Design Phases


Once I have a clear picture of what you need, want, and like, I will get to work on the design phases of your project.

I will create a style board for you to approve. This will be a combination of images that portray a feeling or mood that we are trying to achieve for your home. You will have an opportunity to give feedback and request any changes. This will not be (at this point) selections of furniture and decor that we have selected, we just want to make sure we are both on the same page as far as the direction your room will take from this point forward.

Creating Your Design

Once your mood/style is set, I will assemble a color palette that will include the materials your room will require such as wallpaper, fabrics and flooring, as well as all of your paint colors. This depends on your design.

Space planning will come next, where your furniture layout is planned and the sizes of your pieces are determined.

Lighting is next on the agenda. Fixtures will be selected and added to your, products list, floor plan and 3D perspective.

Product Selection

Selecting the products that will be included in your design package is something that I am constantly considering, reconsidering, and working on throughout the entire process of creating your room design. Many times items need to be switched out and reselected as the room comes together to create the best possible design. This is why I ask that you wait for your completed design package before you begin purchasing items.

I always keep your desired budget in mind while I am selecting your products. It is advisable to consider having a budget range as this will help me manipulate your budget as I select your products.

I also have a budget calculator that I use to help create guidelines and stay on budget. If you need help determining a budget for your project, I can help with that too.

I am really happy with everything. People who have seen it fall in love with it and say that it’s me. Some of the remarks are, “it is something that should be in a decorating magazine” “It’s Elegant, but Simple” “It’s so comfortable”.
Even the men who have seen it really like it and make comments on how much they like it.
Thank you so much for helping me find what style suits me, and for all your input, ideas, and expertise.

Take care, and hope to hear from you soon.
— Karen

Step 3

Receiving Your Deliverables

Final Render of Boho Bedroom.jpg

When your design is ready I will package it up in an easy to follow plan for you to implement. You will receive written step-by-step instructions to guide you through to completion. This is the fun part! I encourage you to take pictures before, during and after your design adventure and share them with me and everyone.

The documents you will receive

  • Floor plans with a furniture layout for you to reference. These will include relevant measurements.

  • List of all of the furniture pieces and their respective sizes and quantities needed.

  • Floor plan with lighting plan (if purchased separately)

  • Elevations of key features for visual reference and measurements.

  • 3D perspective image of the main view of your room. This is done with the products that have been selected.

  • Shopping List with clickable images of your products with prices and quantities needed.

  • Detailed instructions to guide you in implementing your design as planned.


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Choose E-Design if you:

  • Want a room plan that exceeds expectations

  • Lack the time to create a design plan yourself

  • Want someone to source your products for you

  • Need help with the functionality of your space

  • Need help sorting out all the ideas from Pinterest overload

  • Have a tricky space you don't know how to deal with

  • Need floor plan documents and elevations to show your contractor

  • Want to see what your room will look like before you start

These are only some of the reasons e-design has become so popular.

Working Together is Easy

to Begin Click the “start your project”

We will schedule a discovery call where we talk generally about your project, what it entails, and if we are a good fit for each other.
I may be able to tell you at this time if your project will require additional fees beyond the pre-packaged flat fee. Sometimes I won’t know until later at which time I communicate that with you as soon as it comes to light. Many projects do not require extra fees since I have tried to include everything an average design project would entail so there would be no extra charges. Extra charges are billed by the hour.

I can also let you know if there will be a waiting period before I can start your project. I never try to take on more than I can handle at once. I put a lot of my heart and soul into each design, giving it all of the time and attention it needs. Each client is a priority and I never skimp on customer service.

Purchase package(s)

Once you purchase your package you will be added to my schedule.
You will receive a confirmation email with login information in it. You will be given a temporary password that you will change to something you choose.

Login to my design project platform

This is where we will conduct all of our business together.
From here, you will be able to get started right away. 

  • Read through and sign the contract

  • Download the 'Welcome Packet'.
    This is like an orientation to working with me, it will answer a lot of your questions.

  • Download your 'Getting me what I need' document
    This will help you with taking measurements and photos of your space so that I can translate them into a digital floor plan.

  • Fill out the Project Questionnaire
    This is where you will tell me everything about your project.

  • Upload room measurements and photos

  • Upload inspiration images and share your Pinterest boards

Sit back and let me work my magic

Although this part of the design process is done mainly by me, I do like to work in a collaborative fashion. This allows me to freely create within your parameters, then present you with a preliminary design. You then have the option to approve all or parts of the plan, ask questions, and tell me what changes you would like me to make. Revisions and changes are normal, don’t feel bad if you have changes for me. Communication is key. Working this way helps reduce stress of the unknown and eliminates unexpected results.

Implement your design plan

This is the best part!! Watching it all come together.

Use your space plan and shopping list to purchase your items. Use your Designer’s Instructions to know how to put it all together. Use your elevations and perspectives to help you get it right.

Be sure to send me lots of pictures. Drop me a note and let me know how satisfied you are with your design.